What could be more classic than finger waves? Beautiful, sophisticated and timeless. In this tutorial we show you how to create an updo with classic Waves.


This hairstyle is based on the look called "Glamour waves" on page 15. First divide off a triangle in the fringe, starting from the deep parting. Fix it out of the way with clips. Then begin at the back.

Brush the hair, gathering it together, and spray lightly with Fixing Hairspray. Then collect the hair in a low pony tail in one hand and fix using a hair bungee. Twist the pony tail slightly and wind it around the base of the pony tail so that it forms a bun. Fix with hairpins into the base of the pony tail so that the bun stays stable. Finish with Fixing Hairspray for hold and a smooth finish.

Now for the front of the hair. Use Björn Axén Tools Titanium Pro Curling Iron 25 and divide into sections in small square strands. These are wound backwards around the iron, holding the ends in place with your fingers. Wait until the hair section is hot and carefully unwind it. Fix with a small metal clip down at the scalp to allow the shape of the curl to set properly as it cools. Go through the whole section in the same way.

Once the curls have cooled, brush them out using the Finishing Brush. Fix the whole section loosely to the bun using hairpins. Spread out the waves and define them using hairpins as support. Fix the hairstyle with Megafix Hairspray. Finish by placing jewellery among the waves and removing the support pins.

Fixing Hairspray
Titanium Pro Curling Iron 25
Finishing Brush
Megafix Hairspray