braided romantic updo

This is an easy step by step tutorial on how to create a romantic updo with a braid, a bun and sheer curls.


Apply Creative Styling Cream and allow your hair to dry naturally.

When the hair is completely dry, make a centre parting and section off a narrow section along the whole front. Then take out a larger rectangular section over one ear and fix out of the way with clips. This section will become the braid.

The rear section is gathered together in a pony tail behind the ear below the rectangular section. This can be a little messy, so don't make the pony tail too perfect. Fix the pony tail using a hair bungee.

Braid the pony tail loosely right to the end, and backcomb the ends to make the braid stay together. Twist the braid into a bun around the base of the pony tail and fix with hairpins. Pull on the bun to release a few strands. You don't want it too strict!

Now you should braid the rectangular section. Braid from the ear towards the forehead. Make a Dutch braid that is first braided against the head so that it lies flat. Then continue with a normal Dutch braid. Back comb at the bottom and then pull outward on the braid to make it wider, flatter and softer. Lay the braid over your head and forehead like a tiara. Fix with hairpins behind the opposite ear. Take a little hair from the stretched section behind the ear and lay it around the end of the braid using hairpins. This will fix it effectively in place.

Use the Straight & Curl Nano Pro to curl the remaining part at the front. When the curls have cooled, backcomb them one by one using your fingers. Fix some up and leave others to hang free. Finish with Megafix Hairspray for optimum hold.

Creative Styling Cream
Straight & Curl Nano Pro
Megafix Hairspray