Professional blow-out look

Let us show you how to master salon blow out techniques. But instead of blow dryer and brush we use the Magic Style Brush to achieve the same look in half the time. Styling your hair has never been easier! 


Apply Volume Mousse to your hair, then blow-dry it in for volume and heat protection. Then start styling on dry hair. Section the upper hair and fix to one side, then start with the underneath of your hair.

Choose your preferred size of Björn Axén Tools Magic Style Brush and roll a suitably sized section of hair onto the styling brush. Make sure that the end of the hair is rolled smoothly in the brush, so that you obtain the correct shape. Hold in place until the heat has penetrated the hair strand and then carefully unroll again. Leave the curl to cool.

Press the ionising button on the Magic Style Brush for even better shine.

Go through the rest of the hair in the same way. When the hair has cooled, massage the scalp with your hands and fingers to release the curls and create volume. Then lightly backcomb the ends with your fingers and fix the hairstyle using Fixing Hairspray.

Magic Style Brush won the 2014 Swedish Beauty & Cosmetics Awards in the category Styling Tool of the Year.

AC Hair Dryer 2000W
Volume Mousse
Magic Style Brush
Fixing Hairspray