tousled UPDO

An updo doesn’t have to be strict, shiny and tight. It can be free, creative and unpretentious. In this tutorial we show you how to make an updo in which there will be plenty of room for creativity and playfulness.


Blow-dry Creative Styling Cream into the hair. Divide the hair into a parting and then from ear to ear. Fix the front hair out of the way. Section the upper hair at the back and fix out of the way. Start working on the underneath of your hair.

Gather the underneath of your hair and use a tail backcomb it underneath to create a surface the rest of the hairstyle can be fixed to. Then fix this hair to a pony tail low on the nape using a hair bungee.

Spray the upper part of the back hair with plenty of Texture & Volume Dry Spray. Gather the hair together and twist it in your hand. Press lightly upwards and wind the twist around the base of the pony tail.

Hide the ends and fix into the pony tail. The pony tail is treated in the same way with Texture & Volume Dry Spray and then carefully gather it together in one hand. The hair is then folded up and in under the base of the pony tail. Allow the ends to hang outside. Fix with hairpins. Then curl the loose ends with Straight & Curl Nano Pro to get the right look.

Take out two sections from the front side with the most hair. Spray Texture & Volume Dry Spray and twist sections inwards or outwards and then fix in the bun at the back using hairpins. Then twist the remaining section and fix into the bun. Finish with Texture & Volume Dry Spray and pull in the twists to get a livelier texture and a messier, more attractive look.


AC Hair Dryer 2000W
Creative Styling Cream
Texture & Volume Dry Spray
Straight & Curl Nano Pro