flat iron curls

To create curls with a flat iron can appear to be very difficult but let us show you how it’s done! In this tutorial we showcase the techniques involved and what products you should use for a great result. Don’t worry, you’ll be a pro in no time!


The hair is blow-dried with Volume Mousse for extra hold and heat protection. When the hair is dry, put up your upper hair with clips and create sections of the right size. Start with the underneath of your hair.

Use Perfect Straight and insert the iron diagonally. Rotate for one turn, then pull out at an angle, downwards and at an even speed. Don't allow the iron to stop! Work through all of the hair in the same way. Make sure you curl away from the face to give the look the right feeling.

If the hair is difficult to shape or easily loses shape, Fixing Hairspray can be used on each hair section before the iron is applied.

Then run your fingers through the curls and add a little Organic Caring Hair Oil for shine and great separation.

Finish with Fixing Hairspray for flexible hold.

AC Hair Dryer 2000W
Volume Mousse
Perfect Straight
Fixing Hairspray
Organic Caring Hair Oil