Updo with knots  

Sofia shows you how to create a lovely everyday updo, without too much preparation being necessary. A ponytail at the neck and some eye-catching details go a long way!





Start with hair that has been blow dried with Organic Texturizing Salt Water Spray to give the style a good foundation.

Then backcomb a section at the neck; this will hold the knots. Loosen a few sections around the face and then divide the hair at the back into four sections. Spray these with Heat Styling Protection to get a good surface on the details.

Now you can start making knots. The only limit is your imagination! Attach each knot with hairpins and spray continually with Heat Styling Protection to keep all the fine hairs in place.

Finish off by winding a section of hair around the hair that’s hanging down to create a ponytail. Attach well using hairpins.

Brush the loose sections with a Magic Style Brush to frame the face. Then brush with the Maple Wood Finishing Brush for all hair for a natural feel and a fine shine.


Organic Texturizing Salt Water Spray       

Heat Styling Protection

Magic Style Brush

Maple Wood Finishing Brush