Pink 30s waves

This is a meeting between traditional craftsmanship and a modern approach. The look is really effective, but the technique is easy to understand thanks to Sofia’s clear demonstration.




Combine Creative Styling Cream and Styling Gel for good hold that retains some flexibility. Apply them to towel dried hair and then start by giving the hair a side parting.

Use the two combs to create wave patterns in the hair downwards and backwards on both sides. After this, do the back of the head and put the waves together so they merge nicely.

Once all the waves are in place, blow dry the hair with the Professional Hair Dryer AC 2000 W and a diffuser. The diffuser is used to minimise the effect on the shape of the waves and stop fine hairs appearing.


Creative Styling Cream

Styling Gel   


Professional Hair Dryer AC 2000 W + Diffuser