Bohemian braids

Sofia teaches you an easy way of making your plaits more eye-catching by weaving in hair extensions.



WHAT TO DO:        

To give the hair some soft hold, blow dry it with Curl Mousse.

Divide the hair into as many sections as you want to have plaits. Then make Dutch plaits and add hair extensions. Spray with Fixing Hairspray to keep everything free of fine hairs while you work and to give the plaits a smooth surface.

Pull out the plaits as you work on them, as this makes them looser and more Bohemian looking. End each plait by backcombing, or with a pretty hair tie – it’s your choice!

For a delicate feel in the hair that has been left hanging freely, use the Straight & Curl Nano Pro. Take pieces of the hair and backcomb gently with the tongs.

You can put attractive small clips in the plaits for a party feeling.


Curl Mousse

Fixing Hairspray

Straight & Curl Nano Pro



Hair extensions