extreme volume

Dreaming of extreme volume with exellent hold? In this tutorial Johan shows you how to use our famous Volumaster.


Prepare by distributing Volume Mousse through all your hair. Continue by spraying the roots with Organic texturizing Salt Water Spray, then blow dry.

After this, we work using the internationally patented volume iron, Volumaster, which gives great volume that lasts until the next time you wash your hair. There are two types of Volumaster. The Volumaster Slim is a little smaller and suitable for people with fine or short hair, while the larger Volumaster is suitable for longer or thicker hair. The latter is used here.

Start by combing the hair backwards. Take a slim section of hair, about 1 cm thick, backcomb it gently and then take the Volumaster and squeeze gently close to the scalp and about 5 cm out. Continue over the entire head in the same way. When working with the Volumaster it is important not to take sections thicker than 1 cm and that you work through the hair systematically. This gives maximum volume.

Once all the hair has been done, it’s time to brush it. Start from the ends and carefully brush out all the backcombing. We used the Detangling Brush with boar bristle that has an excellent grip on the hair.

To remove some frizz, you can use the heated Magic Style Brush which adds smoothness and shine to your hair. The Magic Style Brush also helps create loose curls or waves at the ends, if you want. Brush your hair, roll it around the brush, hold a few seconds and then release. Work through all the hair in the same way.

Now all that's left is the finish. Use a light spray, such as Fixing Hairspray, through all the hair while shaking it with your fingers.       


Volume Mousse

Organic texturizing Salt Water Spray 

Fixing Hairspray   

Magic Style Brush (Sweden only)   

Volumaster  (Sweden only)   

Maple Wood Detangling Brush   

Fixing Hairspray