Updo with fringe

Sofia shows you how to create a fun updo with a fringe.



WHAT TO DO:        

Blow dry the hair with Organic Texturizing Salt Water Spray for a coarse feel and good hold.

Make an oval section on the crown of the head and put it into a ponytail using a bungee band. Then divide the hair at the back into two sections. Comb up one section in the opposite direction and spray with Fixing Hairspray to smooth all the fine hairs. Then wind the hair in around the base of the ponytail and attach with hairpins. Do the same with the other section.

Then it’s time to work on the front. Leave a few strands around the face and then brush up the sides in the same way as you did previously with the hair at the back.

Then gather all the sections of hair into a ponytail and wind it around your fingers, turn it and place it somewhere that feels right. Attach with hairpins. Leave some of the ends sticking out for a more relaxed look.

Finish off by winding the loose hair around the face around the Slide Curler for gentle waves. Leave a few pieces straight for a cooler feel.


Organic Texturizing Salt Water Spray

Fixing Hairspray       

Slide Curler




Bungee band