Dreaming about that timeless Hollywood look? In this tutorial we will show you how to create glamorous and beautiful Waves.


Apply Smoothing Cream to your hair, then blow-dry it in for shine and heat protection. Then start styling on dry hair.

Divide your hair into a deep parting. Section the upper hair out of the way and start curling the underneath of your hair. Use the Titanium Pro Curling Iron 25 and roll in a hair section which is the right size for the length of the iron. Work horizontally. Make sure that the end of the hair lies flat inside the iron so that each curl has a good shape. Hold the curling iron in place until the heat has penetrated each hair section. Touch the hair lightly to check this. Then unroll the hair and open and close the curling iron carefully to release the curl. Leave to cool so that it becomes fixed in place.

If the hair is difficult to shape or easily loses shape, Fixing Hairspray can be used on each hair section before the iron is applied.

Continue in the same way through the whole hair, and when all of the curls are done and have cooled, brush the hair through thoroughly with the Finishing Brush. Add a few drops of Organic Caring Hair Oil to smooth down any stray hairs and for shine. Fix with Fixing Hairspray for flexible hold.

AC Hair Dryer 2000W
Smoothing Cream
Titanium Pro Curling Iron 25
Fixing Hairspray
Finishing Brush   

Organic Caring Hair Oil