To create an updo doesn’t have to be difficult or time consuming. In this tutorial we show you how to make a simple yet stunning look that will be a perfect fit for both big and small events.


Blow-dry Volume Mousse into the whole of the hair. For greater hold, see the description for "Volume with Volumaster" on page 11.

The hair is divided into a centre parting and then the front hair is fixed out of the way with clips, ear to ear. The back hair is collected into a pony tail on the nape using the Finishing Brush. Hold the hair in one hand and release a few strands with the other hand. Fix the pony tail using a hair bungee. Fix one hook into the pony tail, wind it around inside the hand holding the hair and then fix the other hook into the pony tail.

Brush the pony tail with the Finishing Brush and then alternately twist and spray with Fixing Hairspray. Twist the pony tail around its base and fix with hairpins. Adjust the bun and pull out strands until you are happy with the shape.

Then curl the front section of your hair with a Titanium Pro Curling Iron 32. Twist a few curls at a time and fix into the bun. Work through the whole of the front part of the hair in the same way. Fix with Megafix Hairspray.

AC Hair Dryer 2000W
Volume Mousse
Finishing Brush
Fixing Hairspray
Titanium Pro Curling Iron 32
Megafix Hairspray