wall street hair

Classic, smart and sophisticated. An easy-to-do hairstyle that fits those events that require a slightly stricter look.

WHAT TO DO: Apply a blend of Smoothing Cream and Styling Gel to towel-dried hair, from the roots to the ends, for shine, flexibility, hold and heat protection. It is important that the product is applied throughout the hair.

Divide the hair into a parting and start to blow-dry using the Detangling Brush and Professional AC Hair Dryer 2000W. Ensure you are blow-drying in the direction of combing and work with the brush so that all stray hairs are included. Set the hair dryer to low speed so as not to create unnecessary frizziness.

When the hair is shaped and dry, fix the hairstyle with Megafix Hairspray.

Smoothing Cream
Styling Gel
Detangling Brush
AC Hair Dryer 2000W
Megafix Hairspray